3 Tips When Choosing The Right EHR System For Your Practice

With electronic health records (EHR) being a critical part of patient care and minimizing mistakes or prescription errors, it is essential to find a system that provides the most benefits for your practice. When selecting an EHR system, there are a few features you should aim to include. Consider A Specialized System Instead of adopting a general EHR system, which is often the easiest method to start, consider using one that can be customized based on your specific practice. [Read More]

Five Ideas For Sourcing Medical Equipment

Purchasing medical equipment, such as dental supplies or surgical tools, is a key operation for all healthcare providers. In today's world of healthcare reform and very low budgets, sourcing the right and cost-effective medical equipment can be quite tricky. It is very important to look for cost-effective sources and before you make that purchasing decision, consider the following tips. Search For Equipment Online There are numerous sites online that cater to selling medical equipment, used or otherwise. [Read More]

Tips For Creating The Clearest Images With Your Portable Ultrasound Machine

If you have recently started using a portable veterinary ultrasound machine at your practice, you may not quite have the hang of getting the clearest image possible. After all, the images are typically quite a bit smaller. While this is a drawback to portable machines, you can and should save, send, and attach the images to an email so you can look at them later on and also file them. However, you want to get a clear image first, so follow the tips below. [Read More]

5 Steps To Sterilizing Instruments For The Operating Room

As you know, having sterile instruments for surgery is non-negotiable. When you follow the proper procedures, you greatly minimize the risk of patient infection. Here are the five steps to sterilizing instruments used in your operating room so your patients are much more likely to have a healthy recovery.   1. Properly Clean Cleaning is actually a multi-step process, and it generally starts with a manual cleaning cycle. This involves briefly soaking the instruments in warm water with an enzymatic detergent to soften and loosen the contaminants. [Read More]